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“I’m a certified trainer myself but when I saw Mikes program I had to do it. The results you get as amazing. And the coaching and motivation sets it apart from anything I’ve ever done”
- Lisa

“My wife signed me up. I came in with little experience and it wasn’t long before I was pushing the intensity way up. I lost about 15 pounds of pure body fat and put on 8-10 pounds of muscle. I can’t believe it”
- Carlos

“My wife and I were out of shape. These workouts we’re brilliant..we lost a combined 45 pounds”
- Matt

“I lost over 40 pounds..Mike’s program is intense, fun and I absolutely love it and I’m never stopping”
- Cindy

“The atmosphere, the music, the people…it hard to explain…the whole thing is just great”   
- Mike

“The ability to adjust the exercises makes it great…if I work out two days in a row I know how to adjust so my energy levels are up”
- Nicole

“Mike said his program would change me and it did. I recommend it highly!” 
- Carolyn

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