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Gym Class

Strength Training Program

Our strength training program is a group class led by expert coaches and is designed to help you build muscle, burn fat, increase metabolism, and improve overall health. Our trainers will teach and offer modifications to ensure you are challenged and safe. Whether you are new to training or an experienced athlete, this program has everything you need to get fit and stay motivated.


Strength Training and Cardio Conditioning

A 60-min instructor-led group class, which consists of weight lifting and high-intensity cardio. Workouts are designed to burn fat, increase muscle, and improve overall fitness.


Strength training and cardio conditioning are proven to have numerous benefits for your body and mind. Consistently strength training your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. Read more about the benefits here.

Body Measurements

Body Transformation

Increases muscle, improves metabolism, melts fat, transforms the body

Moving In

Improve Fitness

Use it or lose it. Keeps you actives, makes you stronger, and helps keep you supported as you age. Generally good shape. Health benefits

Doctor's Appointment

Improves health

Great cardiovascular benefits, maintain healthy weight, good bloodwork

We will work with you

We're committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, our coaches are trained to modify workouts to your goals and abilities and ensure they are properly challenging.

Membership Options

Our membership packages are customized to fit your unique needs and schedule, with family discounts available to make fitness more affordable. 

Workout with Kettlebells



- Unlimited workouts.
- Nutrition plan.
- 6 month commitment.
- 1 month pause available
- Non transferable
Starting month seven: Payment continues mth-to-mth, same price, until cancellation request- 14 days notice required.


$159 per month
- Unlimited workouts.
- Access to members-only nutrition plan.
- This membership is for one person, non-transferable
- This membership requires 14 days of notice to cancel.


$100 per month
- Ages 13-19
- Safe, age appropriate Strength and Conditioning.
- Unlimited access to adult workout schedule.
- Designed by leading NJ educator and coach.
- Three month commitment.
- Access to members only nutrition plan.

Starting month four, membership continues at the same price on a month-to-month basis unless we receive a cancellation request- 14 day notice required.

Family Plan

- $218 per month

Two adults, same household:
- Unlimited workouts
- Nutrition plan

- 6 month commitment
- 1 month pause available
Starting month seven: Payment continues mth-to-mth, same price, until cancellation request- 14 days notice required.

Get Started Today

Don't wait another day to start working towards your fitness goals! At FleXfit Training Center, we are here to help you every step of the way and provide the support and guidance you need to succeed.

Man Doing Floor Exercises

Try for Free

Your first workout is on us! We invite you to experience a workout, see the facility, and meet our members. Sign up for a free trial today and take the first step towards a healthier, fitter you!

Questions? Contact Us

Have questions about our gym, our fitness programs, or how we can help you reach your fitness goals? Contact us today, and let us help you start your fitness journey!

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